countdown to financial freedom: so then what?

So you have done the hard work saving a high percentage of your income, simplified your life and lived frugally for years to reach the point where you can see the financial independence finish-line, and the image of your life without a job is starting to crystallise. Or perhaps you had a windfall to help you get to the point where you have realised you do not need to work any more.

However you got here, congratulations. So now what? I have heard some say that people in this position have “unlimited options”. However, without a way to filter and then concentrate on activities that will bring the maximum value I feel I could easily fall into the trap of unending analysis without ever taking action.

My working career is drawing to a close and to be honest it is as daunting as it is exciting. I am in my late 30’s and as great as not having to go to a job sounds, the more I think about it the more I see it as an opportunity to improve myself and add value to myself and those around me. The key part for me is to find a framework to select activities and then to take action.

I hope to use this blog as a way to journal my attempts to figure out how to add value to a life of financial independence. Perhaps it will help others, but whether you are in the same position as I, or perhaps you already forgetting your working days, I am hoping we can all share experiences and opinions.


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