who will you be?

If you have ever talked to anyone about your plans to exit the world of the wage slave you have probably heard the refrain “…but what will you do!?” Well, its a good question and for quite a while I put it at the bottom of my to do list and just focused on keeping my head down with my savings going up. However, as my countdown grew shorter the question began to occupy my mind more. All I knew was that the foundation for the next phase of my life was to add value to myself and those I choose to have around me.

While the sites on the right were all the motivation and knowledge I needed to achieve early retirement unfortunately I was unable to find an existing framework to design my new life and this resulted in a few months of thinking about what opportunities and projects I thought I could do. Perhaps due to a small concern that I did not have “enough” I found a lot of these projects were basically entrepreneurial activities or another way for me to invest my labour. Wasn’t I just slightly redirecting the old habit of committing my energy to an external project? Before I can be a human doing I need to be a human being.

Warren Buffett is well known for espousing the value of investing in yourself. However, during my previous life where I taught people, I recognised how bad we are at accurately perceiving ourselves and our abilities so I knew I needed a framework to decide how to invest in myself.

Now if we are going to be investing in ourselves we need to decide what aspects to focus on, which quickly lead to the realisation that before I decide what I want to do when I grow up I need to decide who I want to be before I grow up. Whoa, wholesale introspection imminent!

It sounds dramatic, but really it is as simple as deciding what type of human you want to be. Now that everything is on the table, lets clean out all unneeded psychological barriers, assorted assumptions, miscellaneous clutter and start fresh. Ahh, another of those simple but not easy things… How could I add value to anything or anyone if I do not know who I am and more importantly, who I will be?

Our entire personality, our values, the very core of our existence is able to be redesigned at will so who will you be?


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