giving 2 months notice

It was an interesting experience but the formality of giving my 2 months notice was neither exciting nor anti-climactic. Others around me who knew were certainly more excited than I was. I suspect they are just excited for me. When you have been thinking and preparing this plan for this as long as I have it just seemed like one more step of a journey. Of course this journey certainly goes a lot further than just finishing my traditional full-time employment.

It was gratifying that my manager made all the right offers and counter arguments to keep me, but in the end I didn’t ask for the details as this is my plan, not a negotiation, and I won’t be deterred. I really do appreciate the safety net of the permanent job offer in case I get myself into trouble at some point in the future. Several months ago I was having bouts of apprehension about giving up the guaranteed income but I have come to terms with this and accept that there are risks in everything we do, and I trust that I can solve any issues when they arise.

I won’t let the small chance of catastrophe cause me to lose focus and get lost in “One more year” syndrome. It is time to stop relying on financial assets and reduce risk by building life skills.

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