After finishing work exactly a month ago I have been getting mentally ready to move overseas, as well as discarding the mountain of detritus that I seem to accumulate when in the survival mode of the working world. I also managed to have some outdoor time, as well as catch up with friends before I am a few time zones away.

I moved to a mountain village/town a few days ago and this is where the real work begins. Firstly, repairing the damage that I managed to accumulate during the head-long sprint to Financial Independence. I don’t have a great plan for this yet, but decompression is the first step. Hopefully aspects of myself that got covered up and pushed out will have the freedom to return and I can begin the process of returning to a human being. In the last month I noticed a few aspects of myself that over the last 5 years have changed gradually, but cumulatively the effect has been quite dramatic.

Fortunately, with the knowledge that I can be whoever and however I wish to be,  I know now that I do not need to judge myself and simply need to decide who and how I want to be.


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